NDIS Cleaning Melbourne

NDIS Cleaning at Flexico Cleaning Services

NDIS Funds Cleaning stands for National Disability Insurance System which is sensible and essential support towards the people with disabilities. Flexico Cleaning Services enables you to use the NDIS fund to hire a cleaner in Melbourne and Suburbs. You may take help from a personal expert or an expert provided by the company to apply for the NDIS funds to pay for the expenses of the services.

The benefit of Flexico NDIS cleaning services is that you can select from the range of services that best suits you in all ways. You may seek supporters who assist you with your health care, movement, or other personal care supporters as well.

Flexico Cleaning Services in Melbourne and suburbs is NDIS-certified so that our services meet all your cleaning needs for your residence. Our firm is comprehensively involved in preparing employees for professional cleaning. Our cleaners are completely aware of conducting a complete cleaning procedure with the NDIS cleaning services.

The Flexico Cleaning Services in Melbourne and suburbs provides one-time cleanings, recurring cleanings, common area cleaning, move-in and move-outs, spring cleaning junk removal with the best customer satisfaction and value for money.

One time cleanings Recurring cleanings ​Common area cleaning
Move in / Move outs ​Spring cleaning Junk removal
Inside and out Ovens / Refrigerators Detail dusting
Clean outs Windows ​Laundry & Carpet
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roof cleaning
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