Residential Cleaning Brighton

Residential Cleaning Brighton

Wouldn’t it be great to enter the door and find a newly cleaned house after a long day at work? Do you clean your house newly? Give yourself time off and do what you like instead of ‘having’ to do. You may be taken care of by our Flexico house cleaning Brighton. We are proud to ensure that we can give the most customized service to our clients.

We provide seniors, families, company owners, homeowners, landlords, students, and letting agents residential cleaning services. We clean all kinds of tapestries, floors, furnishings, kitchens, baths and showers, bedrooms, and other principal living areas, as well as other home domestic amenities. We work hard every day to ensure our clients are satisfied with our service and ethical attitude.

Ideal House Cleaning Services

This is a weekly or biweekly cleaning. We choose the janitor for your house as per your requirements and provide you the possibility to interview before cleaning. When you are satisfied with our cleaning, they will be your regular cleaner and regularly keep up with your household tasks.

Our house cleaning Brighton cleaning staff are delighted to maintain your keys safely if you require cleaning while you are not in the home. This is the ideal solution for individuals who only need a top-to-bottom once to enable them to appear gorgeous back home. It is also highly appreciated by guests who expect guests and want to clean up their property before anyone visits.

The high level of work, our pleasant and professional attitude, the way our cleaners are used and handed over, and our outstanding evaluations are the key reasons our clients come to us and stay with us.

Flexico’s Quality Check Cleaners

We dedicate a lot of time in Brighton looking to find the best cleaners that will meet our highest expectations and like their work. We hire and regularly pay all our cleaners over the Living Wage. We have an excellent staff that is pleased, enjoys working, and stays with us.

Every one of our house cleaning Brighton cleaners is screened for safety and security and is checked by police. For your house, you can trust us. We offer cleaners across Brighton for years and a wonderful reputation since we treat cleaners carefully and customize them according to booking preferences and availability. 

All your basic household cleaning tasks are covered by our services, including bathroom cleaning, bedding, tidying, ironing, and vacuuming.

Reliable Services

Our customers are aware that we constantly strive to guarantee that our house cleaning Brighton cleansers provide you with the most expedient service possible. Our whole service is for you. Your service and peace of mind is our primary goal from the time you can contact us. We will allocate you an appropriate cleaner to provide you with the finest cleaning possible.

  • In the living room, we conduct some light cleaning. Brushing, vacuuming, balancing, and mopping are all included in the service.
  • Kitchen cleaning, including appliances, countertops, dishwashers, and cabinet doors.
  • Cleaning of bathroom mirrors, toilets, showers, and pools.
  • Changes to linens and beds.
  • Clean and dry your hands before putting them away from the plates.
  • Waste and recycling collection.
  • Cleaning the windows in the house
  • Thorough cleaning of the rooms. Toys are put away, decluttering is done, and minor cleaning is done.

What to Expect From Our Services?

  • A dependable professional weekly or monthly cleaning.
  • Our house cleaning Brightoncleaners are fully insured.
  • Weekly changes of the cleaning tasks to fit your demands.
  • If you are not 100% happy with our housekeeping assignment for whatever reason, we can allocate your house clean to someone who meets your unique needs.
  • Every week, you will have the same cleaner to establish an enjoyable and efficient connection. If your normal homeworker is ever unpleasant or on holiday, a cover cleaner can be given.
  • A cleaner cited and examined in our detailed interview. 

Our Working Process

Our connections with our customers and cleaners are tremendous and ethical, many of them are with us from the inception of the firm. Roughly one in three of our new customers is made by current customers, and roughly half of the new projects originate from individuals who already work with us.

  • First, we cover rooms and clean all cobwebs and dust. 
  • Then we clean the toilets that contain the doorknobs, tub, mirror, and toilet. 
  • We know the cooking is the center of the house and why it takes much longer than other rooms. All dust from worktops, walls, oven, kitchen equipment, and the floor is being cleaned here.
  • We clean the ceiling fans, the frames of the door, the walls, table, chair, sofa, and picture frames.
One time cleanings Recurring cleanings ​Common area cleaning
Move in / Move outs ​Spring cleaning Junk removal
Inside and out Ovens / Refrigerators Detail dusting
Clean outs Windows ​Laundry & Carpet

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